Oval shaped manways are available in a range of sizes and seals to suit many standards of the hygienic Biopharmaceutical Tanks industry.
The Alfa Laval oval manhole cover LKD 440 x 320 is especially used on tanks or Ss Tanks containers in the wine and juice industry. The main features are that it is offered with or without a hinge.
The Alfa Laval oval manhole Dealer in India covers LKD 532 X 432 and LKD 532 x 435 are especially used on tanks Cover Manufacturers in India or containers in the dairy And Pharma and Pharmaceutical Machine industry. The main features are the option for right or left hinged installation.
The Alfa Laval oval manhole in India covers LKD 542 X 446 in India’ and LKD 542 x 447 are used on tanks Cover or Stainless Steel containers where a closeable Manufacture in Mumbai means of access to the interior of the vessel is required. The main features are the angled shaped frame ensuring a shadowless installation optimal for CIP application.
Working principle
Open the cover by loosening the handle. For inspection purposes the cover can then be turned into the tank. If it is necessary to physically enter the tank, the cover can be removed at the double.

hinge or swung out of the tank, depending on the model. The seal is hygienically positioned and is not affected by positive or negative pressure in the tank. Manways & Covers of SS tanks For Dairy and Pharmaceutical Industry
We proudly offer Alfa Laval’s range of high-quality access ways and tank covers.

Ss Tenks Menual Oval in Mumbai , circular and rectangular styles in a variety of sizes and frame heights
For pressure, non-pressure and low-pressure tanks Manufacturers in india
Available for both above and below liquid levels Of SS Thanks
Can be fitted with sight glass Unions
3-A and FDA Approved compliant models available For Dairy Nad Pharma Fitting