Ss Utility Pendants & Piping Fabrication for Pharmaceutical Industries in India
Mahadev Dairy Pharma Fitting is the Fabrication of utility pendants for pharmaceutical & Dairy Food & Industries Best Quality Orbital Welding System. We have the expertise to customize these products to meet your production requirements For Water System . We can also incorporate other utilities with pendants, and thus we are specialized in devising solutions that are very complex and strategic to the requirements of our clients.
We are engaged in offering Electrica Pendants to our clients. This Pendant is designed to facilitate various Utilities/Services (WFI / DM water piping loops in Mumbai, electrical cabling, steam / chilled water lines, nitrogen / LPG lines, process media lines, compressed air line ) to be brought into the sterile area or working area in a close nesting manner, so as to provide easy access to services. Mahadev Dairy Pharma Fitting utility pendants are designed to take mainly Water System , electrical cable and gases housed in four segments of the Pendent, isolated and independent of each other. To maintain the sterile parameter of a given area pendant enters by penetrating the false ceiling into the area.